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music by an asian american r&b group that doesn’t suck

i’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for asian american groups trying to make it in the music industry. especially ones that do more than the usual, ‘look at me be awkward/shy and play a pop melody on my guitar.’ i hate that shit. every single goddamn apia conference i’d go to, there would be at least one asam doing this and it would make me want to rip my hair out. asian americans know how to do more than just mediocrely croon and strum on guitars, dammit!

so as i was skimming through omona they didn’t, my go-to place for kpop news [don’t hate], imagine my surprise when i saw a post about an asian american r&b group. while the name, aziatix [they don’t even have a wiki page yet, eep!], leaves something to be desired, eddie shin and nicky lee have got decent voices that seem to compliment each other well and flowsik can spit some okay rhymes.

i’ll admit, it’s not like their single ‘go’ [see above] is something that’s completely unique-sounding and will forever change the music world but it’s fun and has a great, catchy beat. i could totally hear this playing on ‘mainstream’ radio. it would make for a great summertime jam.

it may take some time for them to hit it big but hell, it took far east movement a good number of years before people really began to take notice, so who knows. all i do know is that i would love to see some more asian american talent out their in the ‘mainstream’ music scene and aziatix gives me some hope to make that a reality.

go here for the music video teaser.


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lauryn hill is badass

so basically i fail. lulz. ah well. anyway, was skimming my friend jeff’s tumblr and this song came on through his blog:

and you know when you hear a certain song and it just……grabs hold of you? that’s what happens everytime i hear this song. i remember hearing this way back when when my sister would play hills’ cd in the house and hill was blowin’ up. i didn’t think too much of it then. but now when i hear it, i dunno. maybe it’s cause i’m older and am able to have a better understanding and appreciation for good [which is of course subjective] music. but man. i hear lauryn’s voice and it’s got so much soul and depth. paired with the sick beats, this song just gives me shivers. love it.

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i am not going to let this blog die, goddammit!

it’s strange. i have all these various swirling ideas in my head that could turn into potential posts but i rarely follow through with them. whether it’s because i forget or because i lose the patience to fully flesh out the idea, i’m not sure. maybe both.

i think part of what’s been a struggle is that this blog doesn’t really have a defined purpose. i don’t know what i want the focus of this thing to be: fun pop. culture tidbits? kpop clips? campy trinkets? i have no idea. but while i think that aimlessness has contributed to lack of posting, i think the main culprit is just laziness/forgetfulness. i need to refine my focus and get back on this grind.

i’ve been thinking about doing a ‘fashion-y’ post each week. well more like, ‘hey look at this outfit i wore this week.’i’ve always been somewhat interested in fashion [by no means an expert though]. i find it interesting what people choose to put on their bodies. dressing/styling yourself is one of the most personal outlets for self-expression. everything you wear has some semblance of significance whether or not you want it to.

and then when you get into high fashion and haute couture and what have you, it’s a whole ‘nother world. fashion is art. i love fashion designers like alexander mcqueen [r.i.p.], john galliano, d-squared, betsey johnson, anna sui, etc. who create designs that have a tinge of blurred reality to them; everything kind of feels like a dream [or nightmare].

now i freely admit, i really don’t know all that much about fashion but it’s definitely something that intrigues me. it’s only within the last few years that i’ve begun to more clearly define what my style is [and had the funds to do so]. i still haven’t quite figured it out but i do know that it’s a little bit of streetwear mixed with preppy. i love my high tops and hoodies. And also love my button up shirts and classic crew-neck tees. I’m still exploring patterns and different textures but I do know that I like to insert a splash of bright color to all of my outfits, whether it’s through my shoes, accessories, whatever.

anyway, so yes. implementing a weekly [hopefully more often] ‘style’ post. we’ll see how that goes.


p.s. this post was really jumbled. i apologize. to make up for it, here is a song by a hip hop artist i’ve been bumpin’ too the last few weeks:

chyeeahhhh lyrics born. asam’s reppin’!



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animals just do the darndest things!

been kinda mia lately….sorry peoples. i’m going to be better about this, i swear!

so p.a. had our mid-year retreat on thursday/friday and i was introduced to some rather…..fascinating youtube phenomenons that involved baby animals. the first of which being a baby monkey riding on the back of a baby pig [you read that right]:

i think what makes this so amazing is the song. because the notion of a friggin’ monkey riding on the back of a poor baby pig is already so ridiculous. compound that with this slightly screechy, simple song and it’s GOLD.

i was also shown the sneezing baby panda video:

and i mean, nothing too much actually happens in the video, per se. but just watch the mom panda. so great. her reaction is so ‘WTF WAS THAT? HOLY SWEET JESUS!’

and then ones i’ve known about before that i just have to post because well, why not – corgi bellyflop:

PRECIOUS. you only really need to watch the first 30 seconds or so. either way, how does this not make you smile? so cute.

and this one’s kinda old but i have to include it – KEYBOARD CAT!:

still makes me laugh after all this time. you can’y deny the talent of keyboard cat. s/he’s got some mad skillzzzz.

any of y’all got some viral video madness to add to the list?

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because no one wants to be a black man in america.

you know what? i’mma keep it real: it’s hard being a person of color in america. compound that by being a 300-pound black man and, well, you’re basically fucked:

i know this has been floating around the internet recently so you’ve probably already seen it but i just had to post it again because it’s so hilariously ridiculous. why? because it’s so F-ING TRUE.

what a world we live in.

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chyeahhh krump that shit!

i was never super duper coordinated as a child. was actually fairly clumsy [still am] and a little awkward and it’d always take me a while to get dance moves down. so imagine my extreme jealousy when i saw this video of these 8-year olds [that’s right, 8 year olds] krumpin’ like PROS:

fuckin’ crazy, right?! i mean, some of these moves grown adults still can’t master. truly impressed. git it!


p.s. love the pinoy pride the first youth’s got goin’ on.


[via rino nakaseone’s twitter]

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chi-city: lupe always be reppin’ the city of wind.

truth be told, i don’t know a whole lot about lupe. i’ve listened to a few of his songs like ‘hip hop saved me life,’ ‘superstar‘ and ‘paris, tokyo‘ but never got super into him for some odd reason. all i knew was that he could spit legit rhymes and repped chicago so i was down.

i’m totally diggin’ his new single, ‘the show goes on,’ off of his next highly anticipated album, ‘lasers.’ it’s feel-good without being syrupy, real w/o being cheesy and he lays out some pretty decent verses:

probably my favorite lines from the song:

Have you ever had the feelin’ that you was bein’ had?
Don’t that shit there make you mad? They treat you like a slave
Put chains all on your soul and put whips up on your back
They be lyin’ through they teeth, hope you slip up off your path
I don’t switch up, I just laugh, put my kicks up on they desk
Unaffected by they threats, then get busy on they ass
See, that how that Chi-town made me, that’s how my daddy raised me
That glitterin’ may not be gold, don’t let nobody play me

it’s been my go-to song when i’ve been feeling down lately or need some motivation. go ‘head. give it a listen. it’s well worth your time.

[via dmei].

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