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dsquared says all black everything.

so on the one hand, i kinda love this show. gorgeous bags, nice twist with the cuffed jeans – mixing trendy and old school style, classic glasses, ALL BLACK MALE MODELS. plus, the suiting. my gawd, the suiting. that last vest, with the black beading? stunning!

but on the other hand, i dont know how quite to feel about, well, the all black model cast. i dont think this is a typical occurrence for dsquared [but correct me if i’m wrong!] so there’s something about it that just feels like tokenization of black bodies.

they probably are. but whatever. for now i’m just going to enjoy the beautiful clothes and gorgeous male models. what.


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January 25, 2013 · 10:15 pm

我愛你, momma yin.

a while back, i asked momma yin to start writing her emails to me in chinese [with accompanying english] so i could in some small way start improving my chinese skillz. she obliged and recently sent me this email for my birthday:


Dear Maymay : 

Today ( 今天 ) is  ( 是 ) your  ( 你的 ) birthday  ( 生日 ) ,
I ( 我 ) can’t ( 不敢 ) believe ( 相信 ) you  ( 你 ) are already  ( 己經 ) 26 ( 二十六歲 ) !
You ( 你 ) was born ( 出生時 )  only ( 只有 ) four pounds ( 四磅 ) !
Happy ( 快樂 ) Birthday ( 生日 ) !=生日快樂!
i dont know why, but it made me smile. plus, i could read most of the characters! [well, with help from the accompanying english. but still. success!] it’s the small things. 

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this blog is making a comeback.

i’m back. for real this time. slight revamp coming soon. 


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is rape funny?

is it?

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tiger mom don’t play.

so by now you’ve probably read amy chua’s article, ‘why chinese moms are superior,’ in the wallstreet journal. and i’m sure you’ve probably read the countless response articles to the piece so i’m not going to bore you to death with yet another response piece [well, not right now at least]. however, i can direct you to the latest internet fad: the tiger mom meme by jeff yang. below are some of my favorites:

photo courtesy of

**for those of you who don’t understand chinese, the second part means ‘listen to mom.’ lulzzzz. this one might be my favorite so far.**

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

while i don’t know if i necessarily agree with chua’s style of parenting [okay, i definitely don’t], i have experienced hardass asian parenting to a degree so i can somewhat relate. my parents, for sure, were not as fanatical as chua but they were pains in my ass for a while. until they gave up that is. lulz.

have any of you submitted one to the tiger mom meme? i would but i can’t think of anything clever enough…..

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chi-city: lupe always be reppin’ the city of wind.

truth be told, i don’t know a whole lot about lupe. i’ve listened to a few of his songs like ‘hip hop saved me life,’ ‘superstar‘ and ‘paris, tokyo‘ but never got super into him for some odd reason. all i knew was that he could spit legit rhymes and repped chicago so i was down.

i’m totally diggin’ his new single, ‘the show goes on,’ off of his next highly anticipated album, ‘lasers.’ it’s feel-good without being syrupy, real w/o being cheesy and he lays out some pretty decent verses:

probably my favorite lines from the song:

Have you ever had the feelin’ that you was bein’ had?
Don’t that shit there make you mad? They treat you like a slave
Put chains all on your soul and put whips up on your back
They be lyin’ through they teeth, hope you slip up off your path
I don’t switch up, I just laugh, put my kicks up on they desk
Unaffected by they threats, then get busy on they ass
See, that how that Chi-town made me, that’s how my daddy raised me
That glitterin’ may not be gold, don’t let nobody play me

it’s been my go-to song when i’ve been feeling down lately or need some motivation. go ‘head. give it a listen. it’s well worth your time.

[via dmei].

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derrick rose, y’all. derrick. freakin’. rose.

no? not impressed?

need a little more convincing?

derrick rose. mvp. and that’s all i have to say about that.

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