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dsquared says all black everything.

so on the one hand, i kinda love this show. gorgeous bags, nice twist with the cuffed jeans – mixing trendy and old school style, classic glasses, ALL BLACK MALE MODELS. plus, the suiting. my gawd, the suiting. that last vest, with the black beading? stunning!

but on the other hand, i dont know how quite to feel about, well, the all black model cast. i dont think this is a typical occurrence for dsquared [but correct me if i’m wrong!] so there’s something about it that just feels like tokenization of black bodies.

they probably are. but whatever. for now i’m just going to enjoy the beautiful clothes and gorgeous male models. what.


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January 25, 2013 · 10:15 pm

我愛你, momma yin.

a while back, i asked momma yin to start writing her emails to me in chinese [with accompanying english] so i could in some small way start improving my chinese skillz. she obliged and recently sent me this email for my birthday:


Dear Maymay : 

Today ( 今天 ) is  ( 是 ) your  ( 你的 ) birthday  ( 生日 ) ,
I ( 我 ) can’t ( 不敢 ) believe ( 相信 ) you  ( 你 ) are already  ( 己經 ) 26 ( 二十六歲 ) !
You ( 你 ) was born ( 出生時 )  only ( 只有 ) four pounds ( 四磅 ) !
Happy ( 快樂 ) Birthday ( 生日 ) !=生日快樂!
i dont know why, but it made me smile. plus, i could read most of the characters! [well, with help from the accompanying english. but still. success!] it’s the small things. 

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