animals just do the darndest things!

been kinda mia lately….sorry peoples. i’m going to be better about this, i swear!

so p.a. had our mid-year retreat on thursday/friday and i was introduced to some rather…..fascinating youtube phenomenons that involved baby animals. the first of which being a baby monkey riding on the back of a baby pig [you read that right]:

i think what makes this so amazing is the song. because the notion of a friggin’ monkey riding on the back of a poor baby pig is already so ridiculous. compound that with this slightly screechy, simple song and it’s GOLD.

i was also shown the sneezing baby panda video:

and i mean, nothing too much actually happens in the video, per se. but just watch the mom panda. so great. her reaction is so ‘WTF WAS THAT? HOLY SWEET JESUS!’

and then ones i’ve known about before that i just have to post because well, why not – corgi bellyflop:

PRECIOUS. you only really need to watch the first 30 seconds or so. either way, how does this not make you smile? so cute.

and this one’s kinda old but i have to include it – KEYBOARD CAT!:

still makes me laugh after all this time. you can’y deny the talent of keyboard cat. s/he’s got some mad skillzzzz.

any of y’all got some viral video madness to add to the list?


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