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because no one wants to be a black man in america.

you know what? i’mma keep it real: it’s hard being a person of color in america. compound that by being a 300-pound black man and, well, you’re basically fucked:

i know this has been floating around the internet recently so you’ve probably already seen it but i just had to post it again because it’s so hilariously ridiculous. why? because it’s so F-ING TRUE.

what a world we live in.


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tiger mom don’t play.

so by now you’ve probably read amy chua’s article, ‘why chinese moms are superior,’ in the wallstreet journal. and i’m sure you’ve probably read the countless response articles to the piece so i’m not going to bore you to death with yet another response piece [well, not right now at least]. however, i can direct you to the latest internet fad: the tiger mom meme by jeff yang. below are some of my favorites:

photo courtesy of

**for those of you who don’t understand chinese, the second part means ‘listen to mom.’ lulzzzz. this one might be my favorite so far.**

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

while i don’t know if i necessarily agree with chua’s style of parenting [okay, i definitely don’t], i have experienced hardass asian parenting to a degree so i can somewhat relate. my parents, for sure, were not as fanatical as chua but they were pains in my ass for a while. until they gave up that is. lulz.

have any of you submitted one to the tiger mom meme? i would but i can’t think of anything clever enough…..

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chyeahhh krump that shit!

i was never super duper coordinated as a child. was actually fairly clumsy [still am] and a little awkward and it’d always take me a while to get dance moves down. so imagine my extreme jealousy when i saw this video of these 8-year olds [that’s right, 8 year olds] krumpin’ like PROS:

fuckin’ crazy, right?! i mean, some of these moves grown adults still can’t master. truly impressed. git it!


p.s. love the pinoy pride the first youth’s got goin’ on.


[via rino nakaseone’s twitter]

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chi-city: lupe always be reppin’ the city of wind.

truth be told, i don’t know a whole lot about lupe. i’ve listened to a few of his songs like ‘hip hop saved me life,’ ‘superstar‘ and ‘paris, tokyo‘ but never got super into him for some odd reason. all i knew was that he could spit legit rhymes and repped chicago so i was down.

i’m totally diggin’ his new single, ‘the show goes on,’ off of his next highly anticipated album, ‘lasers.’ it’s feel-good without being syrupy, real w/o being cheesy and he lays out some pretty decent verses:

probably my favorite lines from the song:

Have you ever had the feelin’ that you was bein’ had?
Don’t that shit there make you mad? They treat you like a slave
Put chains all on your soul and put whips up on your back
They be lyin’ through they teeth, hope you slip up off your path
I don’t switch up, I just laugh, put my kicks up on they desk
Unaffected by they threats, then get busy on they ass
See, that how that Chi-town made me, that’s how my daddy raised me
That glitterin’ may not be gold, don’t let nobody play me

it’s been my go-to song when i’ve been feeling down lately or need some motivation. go ‘head. give it a listen. it’s well worth your time.

[via dmei].

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derrick rose, y’all. derrick. freakin’. rose.

no? not impressed?

need a little more convincing?

derrick rose. mvp. and that’s all i have to say about that.

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how not to be an asshole, pt. 1

huffington post has this piece about ‘what not to say when your loved one is upset’ which i appreciate [although i find it interesting that they use the pronoun of ‘she’ for most of the article] as it helps me articulate why i get so pissed at some people sometimes when all i need is someone to listen and be there for me and they just act like complete jerks. it seems to be targeted more to romantic relationships but i think it can be applied to all relationships. here are a few points that made me go ‘YES I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT’:

  1. Minimizing. This is the style where you treat your partner’s concerns as trivial: “It’s nothing. Why are you making a big deal out of it?” You are trying to tell them that their feelings are not related to anything real or important. So, the message they get is, “My feelings don’t matter to you.”

  2. Rationalizing. You treat your partner’s concerns as evidence of their irrational and distorted thinking. You try to argue away their concerns. This is a specific kind of minimization, and it sends the same negative message: “Your feelings are based on nothing real. Get over it.”
  3. Competitive complaining. In this little game you don’t want your partner to “win” by being the one with the biggest complaints. So you start bringing up your own: “You think that’s bad? I think I might lose my job!” Again, your partner feels there is no room for her feelings. You matter more.
  4. Fixing. If your partner has unpleasant feelings, you jump in to try to solve all the problems. Laying out your well-thought-out plan, you get frustrated when she doesn’t buy into your solutions. This makes her feel less understood and she thinks, at times, that you are patronizing.

thank you, huffpo!  and people wonder why i get more upset when they do/say these things to me! it’s not just me, okay. when you treat other people like this when they’re trying to talk to you, they’re bound to get more upset!

further down in the article, huffpo offers some insight on how to be less of an asshole. but here’s a clue:

Hint: Your partner wants to feel that 1) you understand that they are upset, 2) you care about how they feel, and 3) you respect their right to have their feelings.


No one wants to feel that their emotions are a burden, or based on some irrational idea, or that every problem has to be fixed by you. Maybe solving the problem might be helpful — if they want it solved. But showing you care involves making time for listening, being there to hear, respecting the right to feel bad at times.

if you didn’t know, now you know.


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bullsheet: d. rose pulled an mj & disgruntledness from losses to nj and philly.

maybe this’ll help me feel better after tonight’s bad, bad, BAD loss against the fucking new jersey nets:

mind you, the nets are 9-25 on the season thus far. and yet, when reading my bulls game notes email today, this is how it starts off:

Trying for a rare victory in New Jersey….Though the Bulls have won four of five on the road overall, they’ve dropped two straight and 18 of 20 at New Jersey.”

i don’t know what it is about new jersey, especially PLAYING in nj, but we’re cursed. simply cursed.

in the long run, this game won’t matter that much. what really pisses me off is thibs right now. sure, part of the reason for the loss has to be attributed to the low-energy we’ve been displaying in games. but when thibs does shit like this:

  1. play deng 40 minutes last night, even though the game was pretty much wrapped up with a win by the end of the third quarter. deng played until there were two minutes left in the fourth. mind you, deng has a history of injuries. so of course it makes perfect sense to play him more than is necessary!
  2. play deng another 40+ minutes tonight. let me remind you that tonight was the second night of a back to back. and the bulls flew to nj from chicago.
  3. continues to start bogans who is CLEARLY not starting material, plays okay defense but doesn’t add anything to the offense. his stat line is usually a whole bunch of zeroes. opposing players don’t even bother guarding him. seriously.
  4. refuses to play james johnson. this goes back to points 1 and 2. i don’t know what it is about thibs but he just REFUSES to play jj at all. jj played some in the beginning and did alright but made a few boneheaded mistakes and has been pretty much benched ever since except for garbage time. this has led to deng playing a ton of minutes. i read a stat somewhere that said something like, we have the most starters in the top ten of starters who play the most minutes or something like that. yeah. awesome. but what  makes me even more mad is that since jj has been benched, he really hasn’t had much opportunity to develop, work out some of those kinks in his game. by continuing to bench him, jj’s growth as a player stagnates. how do you expect him not to fuck up if you don’t ever let him play and learn?! he has so many dnp’s and he’s such a young player……if anything, just fucking send him to the d-league so he’ll actually see some playing time and maybe even develop. it’s not like you’re really using him at all anyway. this REALLY pisses me off. it kinda breaks my basketball heart when i see jj still remaining upbeat and cheering on his teammates when he’s on the bench but knows that thibs doesn’t trust him enough to play him.
  5. benches boozer, one of the superstars on this team and our huge off-season acquisition, for the last 14 minutes of the game. yes, he fucked up during the game. but wouldn’t you want one of your best players in at the end of the game to help get a win? to try and redeem himself?
  7. not owning up to his mistakes in post-game interviews. he comes off as a complete douchebag, tbh.


so i wrote the above after the painful loss to the nets on wednesday. ugly, ugly loss. and then we lost to the sixers tonight. not as upset about this loss. but man, where did our defense go? we’re known in the league as one of the teams with one of the best defenses and yet tonight, we let the sixers go off on us. wtf. defense wins championships, people. we had a pretty good shooting night [for once] but the lack of defense killed us. the substitutions at the end were shifty too. WHY WERE WE NOT GRABBING REBOUNDS?! one of the last possessions, i think we were only down 3, maybe 30 seconds or so left on the clock, sixers miss and GRAB THE REOUND. WHAT. not all of our best defenders/rebounders were in the game for some strange reason and well, look what happened. fuck.

it’s just basically, a lot of our bad habits are coming back and biting us in the ass. low-energy. missed free throws. etc. we got away with it for a bit but not anymore. although, the ‘low-energy’ bit most likely has to do with jo no out. but at the same time, if thibs would be fucking willing to even TWEAK the line-ups/rotations, this might actually help us out. but no. he remains a stubborn assclown as usual.

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