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‘ella ‘ella ‘ella, i’m singin’ in the raaaaaain.

–“umbrella”/”singin’ in the rain” mash-up by the glee cast and gwyneth paltrow (!).

yes, ‘umbrella’ is super played out, blahblahblah but i have to admit that this mash-up/remix/whatever-you-want-to-call-it won me over. the transitions back and forth between songs is fairly seamless, the dancing in the rain [literally] is fun and paltrow isn’t as bad as you think she might be.

granted, i was always a fan of the song ‘umbrella’ [particularly the ‘umbrella/cinderella’ remix] so that’s probably why i love this but hey, give it a shot. i don’t even watch glee [and don’t really plan on it, tbh] but this almost swayed me to give the show a shot. almost.


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bullsheet: an honest confession for once, related to, what else, basketball.

so, it’s 2:17am here on the east coast. i feel asleep earlier during the thunder vs. nuggets game [sorry kd. but i heard you went off for 44 pts. nice] and am now paying for it. i’m having one of those nights where i feel like pouring all my thoughts out into my blog. i rarely post anything ‘personal’ [although what ‘personal’ on a blog?] on my public blogs anymore. so this is when i’d usually go to my private blog to do that but for once, i felt like putting myself out there. but that also assumes that anyone still reads this blog anymore.

much of my time lately has been spent on basketball. bulls basketball, to be precise. i’ll keep it real, i didn’t pay a whole lot of attention during the MJ glory years [blasphemy, i know]. i mostly just remember my sister screaming at the tv a lot and my dad and sister gettin’ real hyped up during games. perhaps i was too young to really grasp what was going on. who knows. regardless, it hasn’t been until he last two years or so, that bulls basketball has taken hold of a large chunk of my attention and i haven’t been able to let go since.

i really love this current bulls team, which i think i may have to devote another blog post too because, for real, i just love them so goddamn much. i really, really do. and i think i would do just about anything to get within 20 feet of them again. having been that close this past wednesday because of ridiculously awesome seats my sister was able to get to the bulls vs. wizards game at the verizon center, it was just……amazing. something about being able to see basketball being played that up close, being in the bulls’ players presence while they were doing shootaround, i can’t explain it. i know it sounds incredibly insane and probably makes me sound like a crazy stalker person but, seriously. it was phenomenal and i loved every moment of it.

so i’ve been thinking. maybe this is a potential career path i want to take. working in the realm of nba basketball, particularly the bulls organization. i have to think that something that i’ve spent hundreds of dollars on [game tickets, merchandise, etc] and a large amount of time on [going to/watching games, reading blogs, etc] has got to be more than just a passing interest, right?

a lot of time, i have a hard time distinguishing between what is just an obsessive hobby as opposed to something i’m obsessed over but could be a potential career. like, okay, my love for kpop? probably more of a slightly obsessive interest than anything i could turn into any semblance of a real career. probably.

but basketball? i dunno man. i think this is something i could seriously pursue. who knows? this could all end in disaster and/or leading nowhere at all. but i feel like this is something i at the very least need to go after and see what happens because i know i’d regret it if i didn’t. i’m young, why not? i’d like to think that if i can at least get my foot in the door [i’mma make it happen], i can work my way up and we’ll see what happens from there. right?

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kpop bites: happy xmas to you too, jyp nation.

okay so the yg fam will always be number one for me but i do have a lil’ love for the ‘jyp nation’ as jyp entertainment deems idols and groups associated under the company. and c’mon, how can you not smile at their rendition of ‘this christmas,’:

i really dug the camera work where it felt like you were really the one interacting with all the people. makes you feel like you’re part of the fambam.

granted, i don’t know who most of the people are in the video but i do recognize some people from 2am, 2pm, wonder girls and miss a at the very least. regardless, everyone is just precious as can be. i think min [in leopard print pajamas and also wearing huge-ass white ear muffs] and taecyeon [red cardigan, red antlers] were my faves. nickhun at the very end with his monkey hat was tooooo cute.

oh who am i kidding, I LOVED EVERYONE! friggin’ adorable!


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kpop bites: 2/5 of bigbang is BACK + 1/4 of 2ne1.

so before big bang makes their epic comeback 2+ years in the making, gd and top are dropping their own album as a duo. one of their singles is the song, “oh yeah,” which i actually really adore. it’s just so catchy and upbeat and fun. you gotta love the yg fam, for real.

so in addition to performing ‘high high,’ another one of their singles, on their inkigayo duo debut, they also performed ‘oh yeah’ live for the first time:

101219 GD&TOP-Oh Yeah(feat.2NE1 Park Bom) from wondergirls on Vimeo.

and it was so cute! i loved it. gd and top have so much swaaaggggg and they just seemed like they were having so much fun on stage. and bom was being her usual cutie pie self [girl has got great legs, can’t deny it]. i enjoyed the interaction between the three of them, especially between top and bom. adorbz.

i love that gd and top are doing this. something to keep fans distracted until big bang FINALLY comes back in february. AHHHHHHHH!

photo courtesy of



yg finally put up a better quality video on youtube!:

they perform ‘high high’ first and ‘oh yeah’ starts at around the 3:10 mark. hd makes everything better.



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can someone please teach me how to dougie?

“teach me how to dougie” –cali swag district.

i must admit, after having seen this video, i still do not know how to dougie. maybe i should enlist the help of john wall because clearly, he has it down:

[wall during introductions at the wizards’ first home game of the season and his first game as an nba pro]

and damn does he look good doing it.

what makes me laugh is when d. rose was asked if he would ever do that, he goes:

“No, man, that’s him,” Rose said. “I’m going to leave that up to him. I don’t dance like that. Only in clubs.”

hahaha, so true. definitely not his style. but hell, i’d still do just about anything to see d. rose dougie.

on a semi-related note, what i find interesting about the video is that it isn’t your stereotypical rap video with half-naked women dancing seductively all over the place with lingering camera shots of alcohol and bling. you’ve got a relatively racially diverse group of people, few half-naked women [are those girl breakers, i see?! and even a female dj?!?] and generally people just doin’ the dougie and having a good time. what i found even more intriguing was the group of asian dancers at the end. almost seems kind of out of place?

anyway, the video was not what i anticipated but, honestly, it was a pleasant surprise.

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all i want for christmas….


okay for real, i love this song. i’m usually not a huge fan of christmas songs and whatever but goddamn this song is catchy. it captures the atmosphere of the holidays pretty well [i don’t know what it is – maybe all the jingling bells and shit] and it’s just a sweet, earnest song; nothing more to it than that. plus, you can’t really deny mariah carey. just sayin’.

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cool thing of the day: ink calendar.

so, uh, this is pretty sweet:

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

as each day passes, the ink is sucked from the bottle and tints the paper. so the color you see here is just for the month of october. they also have other colors to match with other months, i.e., blues for winter, greens for spring, etc. simple concept but so totally awesome, no?

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