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purple haze smocked dress.

is this dress not flippin’ adorable?:

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of sure knows how to win a lady over. man, if this dress wasn’t $62 i would totally get it:

Zip it up and WORK it! The super colorful dress by Necessary Objects, is fun, flirty and oh-so-cute. You can be comfortable
& fashion forward at the same time! The cinched elastic waist creates the perfect fit and the exposed back zipper closure
gives it that “finished” look. Made from a rayon, spandex & polyester blend. In limited availability. Sizes XS through LG.

the color scheme is amazing! okayokay, i’m done drooling over this dress. back to work. [sad day].


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french toast stamp.

so it’s been a long-ass while since i’ve blogged in here. i pretty much fail, i know. i got caught up with end of the year stuff, moving out stuff, hanging out in chicago and being a lazy bum stuff, etc. you know, the usual.

i’ve also started a new blog. i’m flippin’ addicted, i know. it’s different from this one in that it’s more ‘random’ stuff, i.e., pictures, videos, quotes, etc. this one, i feel, is more exclusively focused on popular culture things. at least, that’s what i’ve been trying to do with it. although, what really constitutes ‘popular culture’ in the first place? ah well. anyway, yeah. and i’d been meaning to start a blog on tumblr for a while. i like the simplicity of the interface and the layout in general.

but yes! now i am back! [hopefully]. today’s awesome popular culture thingy is the french toast stamp courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

We love toast any way you slice it but
this clever stamper adds that extra lil’
je ne sais quoi. Simply press into your
slice of bread, pop into the toaster and
voilà! You’re the toast of Paris! Oh la la.
Plastic stamper approximately 4″x3.25″

heehee. so cute. now your french toast can really be…”french.” something like that.

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