[short] hiatus again.

hello interwebs! i apologize for the sporadic updates lately. with my last spring semester ever coming to a close, things have been a little insane these last few weeks to say the least. thus, i am putting my beloved blog on an short hiatus for a little bit while i get my shit together and GRADUATE. after graduation is sorting through my other shit, dealing with the fam, and moving to jeff’s for a few weeks. but once that is all said and done, i will be back i promise!

now back to writing about zoot suiters, rap music, and popular culture as a form of resistance. [i’ll definitely miss this class, not gonna lie].



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2 responses to “[short] hiatus again.

  1. J-dawg

    last semester ever? that’s what they’d like you to believe….

  2. J-dawg

    come back, come back, wherever you are….since I have your resume paper, I know you’re not working on your resume….

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