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does anyone still read books anymore?

so i’m trying to make it a habit of blogging at least once a day. so far so good. we’ll see how long i can keep this up. especially with school starting soon [eep!].

so i’ve been trying to get myself to read some books over break [ones that aren’t actually required for classes]. and in usual fashion, i’ve started a few and haven’t finished any of them [except for one]. yeesh. anyway, here are some of the books i’ve been meaning to read for a while:

1) can’t stop won’t stop: a history of the hip hop generation by: jeff chang
2) the accidental asian: notes of a native speaker by: eric liu
3) needful things by: stephen king [finished!]

4) the audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the american dream by: barack obama
5) all about love: new vision by: bell hooks
6) the n word: who can say it, who shouldn’t, and why by: jabari asim
7) on love: a novel by: alain de botton
8) everybody was kung-fu fighting: afro-asian connections and the myth of cultural purity by: vijay prashad
9) the karma of brown folk by: vijay prashad

among many others that i can’t remember off the top of my head right now. most of these were books randomly selected at the library while i slowly made my way through each aisle so i have no idea if they’re any good [with the exception of the word-of-mouth praise i’ve heard for can’t stop won’t stop and everybody was kung fu fighting]. we’ll see!

anyway, if you’ve got suggestions, please let me know!



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so when i was younger, i would often tag along with my momma to the grocery store. we’d make our usual trips to dominick’s/jewel/omni [does anyone remember this brand? their places were HUUUGEEEE]/meijer but we’d also make a second trip to the asian grocery store in town.
i loooooved going to the asian grocery stores. i mean, i already loved grocery shopping [perhaps because of my undying love for eating and just food in general] but there was something about the asian super markets. perhaps because they had the more ‘unusual’ stuff. but i also think it was because a lot of the food there was stuff i grew up with. yeah, we did have the usual american goodies but we also had our fair share of asian food as well. maybe, to borrow a cliche, i felt like this was a way i could ‘connect’ with my ethnic roots whatever that may mean. i couldn’t [and still can’t] speak chinese fluently. i don’t particularly go out of my way to celebrate many of the chinese holidays. blahblahblah. but i looooved chinese food. who knows. i feel like i’m not doing a particularly good job of describing my reasoning for why i love asian food. and i guess i really don’t have to or need a reason to do i.

anyway, the reason i bring this up is because there was always this candy my sister and i loved getting by a brand called haribo. we’d always get these:


i’m not sure what exactly about them made them so addicting. i think part of it was that they weren’t extremely sweet. and while you could taste a hint of tasty root-beer goodness, it didn’t overwhelm you. i hate it when certain candies that claim to taste like cotton candy or whatever fill the candy with so much articial shit to make the candy taste more ‘authentic’ that it ends up just making you want to vomit after you were done.
but not with these babies. you could probably eat the entire bag and still feel relatively okay. perhaps even ready to crack open another bag.

and they were unique. i remember never seeing these candies in any other grocery store besides the asian super markets. wont lie, i think that’s part of the reason why i loved them. no one else had them!

however, outside of the the happy colas, i never did eat much of haribo’s other candies. until lately. joceys bf, sean, bought her an entire box of this type of haribo candy for xmas:


and while i didn’t particularly like them when i first tried them, i have grown to love them and am eating waaaay too many. it makes it worse that when you order food off amazon, you can only buy in bulk so sean ended up getting her a big box of these suckers. my sister and i are going to be made of haribo pico-ballas by the time we’re done.

now don’t get me wrong, i love my snickers and reeses peanut butter cups, but i advise you try some haribo if you haven’t already!


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when mtv used to air programming other than trashy reality shows.

so back in the late 90s, there was this animated series on mtv called daria. essentially, the entire show was a satire about being a teenager growing up in an affluent suburb featuring every stereotype you could imagine from the high school quarterback and his ditzy cheerleader girlfriend, to the ‘popular girls, to the teacher who hates his students and looks like he’s about to snap.
the title character, daria, is a cynical, jaded, sarcastic, and snarky high schooler whom we follow throughout the series. alongside daria is her self-absorbed, selfish little sister, and her parents who try to be ‘good’ parents but only end up alienating their daughters even more so.
i remember i’d watch the shows my sister recorded on vhs every couple of months and the episodes never ceased to make me chuckle every time. i think, in a way similar to the simpsons and the way they poke fun at the suburban nuclear family, daria satirized the painful years of adolescence. daria was witty, hilarious, and spot-on in their social observations of the shallowness and superficiality of teenagers.
all i know is that i spent most of my sunday afternoon rewatching season 1 and am now moving on to season 2. check out the pilot:

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best licorice in the world.

so there’s this privately-owned grocery store near my home in sf called andronico’s, a type of gourmet market if that’s what you wanna call it. every now and then, when my sister and i were both home and are putzing around, we’d decide that a trip to to andronico’s for some goodies was absolutely necessary.

on one of these adventures, we stumbled across some licorice candy by a brand called ‘kenny’s.’


i’m not sure what it is exactly about this licorice that makes it so addicting. but i think my sister adequetely put it when she said that “unlike twizzlers where after eating a whole bunch, you begin to feel pretty nauseous, this stuff you can eat for days on end” [although i’m not sure that’s wise]. annnnd it comes in a whole bunch of different flavors! grape, raspberry, green apple…..etc.

so imagine my excitement when i learned that you can buy it in BULK on amazon! yay!


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ho hum

so i’ve decided to start another blog. no particular reason. well okay that’s a lie. i’ve still got my other blog on blogger which i write in every so often. but i guess that one’s more dedicated to allowing me to vent/whine/complain about life, among other things.
my hope for this blog is that i’ll stop being a lazy-ass and start posting about things other than anything related to me complaining. i’ve always had a weird fascination with popular culture/pop art/street & hip-hop culture/etc. so who knows. perhaps i’ll start exploring those realms in more depth eventually. hopefully!
none of this is probably making any sense. but whatever. i just wanted to crank out a post. i started this blog like, a week ago and i couldn’t get myself to write anything until now.

so let’s see. Jocey (my sister) and i were in philly this last week to celebrate xmas with her boyfriend’s fam. our last day there, knowing that i love sneakers [and himself sharing a love for them], he took us to a store caled ubiq. this place, with locations only in philly, is a haven for street wear enthusiasts.

i gotta say, there were some pretty dope-ass shoes there. and reasonably priced, relatively speaking. i saw these and wanted them sooo bad:


Buuuut, they ddin’t have my size. and they’re sold out online. dammit! i love the colors though and how the colors specifically are metallic. makes ’em jump out even more at you. although i will admit, i feel like you’ve gotta have a lot of confidence to pull off high tops. the pair i bought in japan last year are still sitting in my closet. i’ve worn them a couple times but i feel like they’re overwhelming me when i wear them.


these are siiiiick. i lovelovelove thedouble velcro straps at the top.

i can’t decide if i want the ones below. thoughts?
i’ve got a special place in my heart for things that are metallic and shiny. so of course i couldn’t resist these. and they’re on sale for $45! i totally don’t need them though. ughhhh.


Ughh. i love these. i think it’s the multi-colored swoosh that caps it off. these are definitely unique. and also sold out. poop.

but not all was lost. i did end up walking out of the store with two pairs of sneakers. one being:

who says yellow people can’t wear yellow? and they were on sale for $39.99! woohoo! i did try on a pair that was exactly the same style but green instead of yellow, with pink swooshes, but they looked way too watermelon-y for my taste. cute nonetheless though.
the other pair isn’t on the website for some reason. they’re super cute though. black, with grey tweed and silver metallic ribbon for laces! they were a wee bit pricey [for my liking] at $65 but i’ve never seen any other shoes nike’s done like them. and they absolutely meld to your feet [probably because there’s barely any support but whatev’s]. i love ’em!

so all in all, it was a good day. i can see how buying/collecting sneakers can definitely become an addiction of sorts.


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